The very basics we need to get you a quote are:

  1. Material Type (Stainless, Carbon, Aluminum, Plastic, etc). Normally we will ask if you need a particular grade of metal or any other requirements such as domestic material.
  2. Material Thickness
  3. Quantity – We can quote multiple quantities if you don’t know exactly how many you want tobuy.
  4. Drawing – We need a drawing or a very precise description of what you need made. If you have a part, picture, or sketch, we can draw it for you. Please include acceptable tolerances.
  5. Finish – If you need your parts or assembly painted, powder coated, anodized, plated, tumbled, or polished, we will need to know the details. Please let us know things like color, Mil-Spec, hardness, or any other requirements.

A lot of times it is very helpful if we know your part’s application. Also, it’s helpful to know if you have any specific dates you need us to meet.


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